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I started this blog because I enjoy discovering new places and sharing my discoveries with others. I was raised on the Great Lakes on the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin in the shipbuilding community of Sturgeon Bay. In the 60's National Geographic Magazine called Door County the Cape Cod of the Midwest. That means for me, being on and around the water, boats, shipyards, sailing, recreation, and heritage is hardwired in my DNA. Nearby Green Bay is older than many east coast cities after all thanks to the voyages of French Canadia fur traders.

In much the same way that the Great Lakes were once the frontier explored and fought over by Americans, English, French and the indigenous peoples of First Nations this blog is about frontiers. The frontiers where heritage, cultures, travel, exploration, recreation, and arts intersect and express themselves in countless coastal communities. Here we hope to capture some of those stories.

Sam is a trained Historica Archaeologist having worked for Colonial Williamsburg and many other museums. A Folklorist, Maritime Historian, Photographer and Museum Director he consults with organizations across the country.
Graduate Studies in Anthropology and Historical Archaeology, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA
Graduate Studies in Labor History, Vernacular Architecture, and American Material Culture, University of Delaware, Newark DE
Certificate in Museum Studies, University of Delaware, Newark DE
BA Anthropology, Ripon College, Ripon WI

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